What Matters Most
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What matters most

What matters most,
Competes for time on our schedules

Like a client who makes  appointments.

They jockey for position

And request private audiences,

Primacy and priority status.

What matters most,

Believes in the seniority of faith,

The value of the home

And intermittently,

Issues demands to be moved

To the front of the line.

What matters most,

Is discontent with quality time,

For it serves to rationalize

The crumbs of attention

Thrown in their direction.

The left over morsels of time

Are insufficient,

For they do not meet the minimum

Daily requirements

Of our obligations.

What matters most,

Views a pedestal

And questions what occupies

The place which was reserved

For the critical elements

In our lives.

What matters most,

Tugs at our conscience,

Looks at us with solemn eyes,

Begs us to come home early,

To love God,

And treat our neighbors

As we wish to be treated.

 What matters most,

Addresses our hearts,

Awakens feelings of responsibility,

For they know,

It is character over credentials,

And fulfillment of potential,

That grows our spirit.

What matters most,

Knows it is not power or possessions,

But the heart felt confessions

To a Holy God that secures our eternity;

That relationships give us strength

And add seasoning and significance

To the caliber of our lives.

Copyright Ó 2001 Orlando Ceaser