This Is What I Do

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This is what I do (for a living).

I am in sales

I will speak candidly

To establish rapport.

I will listen

To their needs

Before I explore

How my product

Or service rarely ever fails.

This is what I do,

I am in sales.

I will persuade folks to sign

On the dotted line;

Accept deliveries or

Payments on time;

Prescribe for their clients

Or highly recommend

To their associates,

Constituents and friends.

I cut through the tedium

Circumvent red tape;

I find a happy medium

Where I can shape

The conversation

As client interest prevails.

This is what I do.

I am in sales.

I move securities,

I trade in stocks and bonds,

I ask the tough questions

And customers respond.

I love the exchange

And all it exposes

To features and benefits

Questions and closes.

Through pyramid

And multilevel buying schemes,

A connoisseur;

Connecting people to their dreams;

On the floor, in the pit

When the trading is brisk;

In the trenches making orders

And taking risks.

I live to nurture

A thirst for acquisitions.

It is a vision, a goal

That is my mission.

I fight for justice

As it balances the scales;

This is what I do.

I am in sales.

I’m known to impact health

With pharmaceuticals,

Add glamour through cosmetics

For the beautiful;

Affecting transaction

Within our nation,

From insurance, real estate

To transportation.

A chosen profession,

Sometimes it’s by default

I view concessions

As I would money in the vault.

I am a student of supply

And demand,

To move money from a pocket

Into my hand.

This is my vocation

My livelihood,

The movement of ideas

And durable goods.

I know the ins and outs

And I sweat the details.

This is what I do.

I am in sales.

Copyright © 2005 Orlando Ceaser

Watchwell Communications, Inc.