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At corporate campfires
And watering holes,
The people gather.
Their hearts are stirred
By the leaders,
The keepers of the scrolls,
Whose words
Speak the curriculum
Of what occurred.

The leaders through language
Interpret and present:
Through parables and scenarios
Values are infused;
And in a lighter forum
They package events
So people are instructed,
Encouraged and amused.

At family gatherings
Enrichment of the soul
Occurs when the elders,
The keepers of the scrolls,
Assemble the generations
And dispense discipline 
Through stories sprinkled

With wisdom and wit,

In moderation.

The elders portray
Passion and progress,
Pride and principles
And honor in the family name.
They tell tales of obstacles
And human failings, 
Of  being human, 

And being sensible,
For invincibility 
Is not a trait we can claim.

The stories form a bond
That is not bondage.
They chronicle ambition,
Growth and attrition
And forge connections
Of substance and relevance,
That add alignment
And purpose to our lives
And  gives us the strength

To continue the expedition. 

At work and in families,
The keepers of the scrolls,
Through stories give us context
And texture.
For within these tales,
We identify with the roles
And through this revelation
We take our places
And become storytellers,
And add our voices
To the conversations. 

Ó 2002 Orlando Ceaser 

Watchwell Communications, Inc.