The Box

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The Box

I give shape to your thinking

And form your understanding.

I can be rigid, resistant

To shrinking or expanding;

I am a marker to outline

Your position

To give you structure

And definition.

I discipline ideas,

I convey opinions as fact.

I am the rules of the game,

The solutions must fit a format.

To the picture I am the frame,

I am the non-compete clause,

The justification,

The reason,

The because.

I am the Box.

I was here first and I found you

Then with experience you found me.

But I am not a barrier.

I set the goal lines as a boundary.

I am perforated for you to breathe

I tried to be the one

To get things done,

But now I see

You intentionally,

Want to think outside of me?

Don’t view me

As inherently evil.

A revolution isn’t needed

Nor an upheaval

To overthrow me.

If you work with me.

If you coerce me

I won’t resist.

You can know me

And find me willing

To co-exist.

I am the box,

At times a radical

At times orthodox.

I am not a coffin.

View me as a present

Wrapped in wonder

A gift exchangeable



Whose contents may shift

During flight,

Protect me from extreme

Temperature, pressure

And light.

And always remember,

My doctrine is fair,

Respect my stature

And handle with care.

I am the box

Sometimes seen as a paradox

A riddle with a word to the wise.

Solve me but do not compromise.

I may not be appreciated.

I’m taken for granted, depreciated

Even though I have a flexible interior,

I am durable, superior

To withstand the constant

Challenges to my authority.

I am the template

With seniority.

I am the box

I have value.

I am the prize.

To discard me,

To disregard me

Could lead to your demise.

In time, you will recognize

That outside of me lies,

Another box of a different size.

Copyright © 2004 Orlando Ceaser

Watchwell Communications, Inc.