The Leader Within
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The leader within


Where is leadership?

The question was asked.

The inference was not sugar coated.

The tone was that malpractice was an option.

The reasonable doubt theory was floated.

There was also the adoption

Of cynicism and questioned motives.

They wondered,

When the ship ran aground,

Why was leadership

Nowhere to be found?


While waiting for leadership

To triumphantly emerge,

They stared at their watches,

Impatiently consulting protocol

As each person converged

On the organization

Beseeching the powers that be,

To send out an all points bulletin.

They fervently urged

Leadership to disclose its location

And estimated time of arrival,

Because their preservation

And very survival

Was predicated upon leadership's

Role in a search and rescue mission

To offer guidance through job changes,

Phases and transitions


Leadership was external.

Some were born to it,

The anointed ones.

Some were sworn to it

The appointed ones.

So people were taught

It was a right whose origin

Was always from the outside,

So they never thought

To look within.


They waited for leadership

To take over the reins

To guide them over the mountain

To the level plains

To handle their issues

And soothe their complaints

While using sound judgment

And fiscal restraint.


The people waited for leadership

To emerge from the chaos

To establish order

To give them structure

In a vision,

To be in their corner

And to tell the followers

Where to begin.

They looked outside

When leadership

Was waiting within,

Waiting to be summoned,

And called into the session,

To exercise its right

Of full expression.


Copyright © 2004 Orlando Ceaser

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