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"Orlando draws upon his many years in leadership to expound upon 10 principles that unlock the leadership potential in each of us. These simple keys can transform the leader and others within their sphere of influence."  
Curt Coffman, author of Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch and First, Break all the Rules.
"I enjoyed Unlock Your Leadership Greatness. I highly recommend this book to all new and experienced leaders. The book is thought provoking and makes you pause and think about your impact on others. Additionally, you will take away tips that you can immediately put into practice. It challenges you to be the best person and leader you can be."
Rodney L. Gillespie, Gobal Emerging Markets, Large Pharmaceutical Company. 
Price:  $21.95 


"If you're ready to learn how to become a better leader, then read and absorb the strategies in this book by Orlando Ceaser! Orlando truly cares about helping others and his ideas will make a positive difference in your life!"

     - Joe Theismann, Legendary NFL Champion Quarterback

     - NFL Football TV Commentator, Featured in the Hit Movie, The Blind Side

"This excellent book shows you how to be a better student, get better grades, and succeed in every part of your life."

-Brian Tracy, Legendary Speaker, Author, Trainer & Consultant

Top-Selling Author of 70 books - Spoken for 5,000,000 people in US, Canada & 73 other countries

"Orlando Ceaser is a wonder of the world. He has written several monumental books that focus on growth of the human spirit, intellect, and an overall ethic of care. Unlock Your Leadership Greatness for Students continues that work for a new era of individual: The Millennial."

- Garrard McClendon, Ph.D., Professor, Author, Talk Show Host 

Price: $21.95 

 "The messages in this brilliant fable resonate as if it was an academic book on leadership...but it's a lot more entertaining. Orlando has found a unique approach to conveying what every leader needs especially for those astute enough to be curious to know what they don't know. An easy read with powerful messages. Like the ozone layer, this book is hot!"

Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE.
Speaker Hall of Fame, Executive Speech Coach, Vistage Chair.

"If you're ready to achieve higher levels of success and happiness, then read this brilliant book by my friend Orlando Ceaser. Orlando's strategies can change your life!"

James Mallinchak
Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire"
Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul
Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com 
Price: $21.95 



Mr. Ceaser has provided a rare treasure trove of wisdom that will certainly have permanent home on my nightstand -- helping me to reflect on the challenges of each day and helping me to successfully navigate my future.

Georgina E. Heard Labonne

Former Executive, Fortune 100 Company

Trustee, Bradley University

Orlando delves below the surface to look at the subtleties of life that impact our physical, social and mental freedom.  After reading this book “FREE”, you will be energized by seeing how you hold yourself back from being completely free and that these freedoms cannot be taken for granted. 
Jim Hampton
Hampton Associates & Enterprises
Community and HR Development Consultants

Price:  $17.99

The Isle of Knowledge
“The Isle of Knowledge is a captivating fable that puts you right in the middle of a magical journey of self-actualization and discovery. I found myself connected to the characters and entertained by the clever way Ceaser uses them to teach us about the KNOW System and useful lessons for everyday life.”

Linda Palczuk
Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

"Orlando Ceaser skillfully takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery with a combination of creativity and challenge. He successfully builds on his previous work by intertwining purpose with priority to make our lives better." 

Dr.Janet Taylor

Price: $13.95

Leadership Above The Rim
Career Development

"Leadership above the Rim turns out to be a shockingly original collection of poems by Orlando Ceaser"
- Financial Times

"Leadership Above The Rim is a must-read for any and everyone interested in career development. The busy manager or executive will find the poetry insightful and rich in content."
- John J. Erby
President, National Sales Network, Inc. 
Chicago Chapter

Price: $12.95

Look For The Blessing


Looking for the blessing is counter-intuitive and awkward the first few times you do it. It is helpful to ask yourself a series of questions. What value can I get from this mishap? How can this ordeal make me stronger? Where is the silver lining? Is God trying to get my attention and teach me something? Is this a chance to model behavior that could help someone else through a difficult season?
Look for the blessing will open you to the possibilities of coping better, seizing opportunities, influencing others and personal growth.

Price: $12.95

Teach The Children To Dance


We are all dance instructors. I have showcased my moves along the journey. The dance steps in education, relationships, spirituality and on the job are exposed to teach and tell stories. I hope my words inspire, motivate, uplift your spirits, make you think, sadden you and make you laugh.

Price: $9.95

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