Hope: For the Difficult Days Ahead

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Inspired by the phrase "there will be difficult days ahead" from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, I’ve been to the Mountaintop speech on April 3, 1968.


Hope: For the difficult days ahead                                    

We are witnesses
To the attainment of a shared dream.
Through an historic event,
Our dream experience
Became an answered prayer.
We watched on television
As messengers of hope,
Supporters, donors and volunteers;
Those who voted for the new President,
Those who loved enough to care,
Those who worked tirelessly,
We saw them there,
Weeping in joy for the many years
We thought it was not possible.                                        

When faith said, we as a Nation
Would one day achieve this milestone,
We did not think, in our lifetime.
But the unbelievable occurred.
We passed the word that he was “The One,”
So we had greater faith, a greater vision
And voted in greater numbers
In order to get it done.

Now we stand at the threshold
Of the change we sought,
The change for which so many fought,
That is consistent with the lessons taught,
That if we believe it is possible,
And deliver the effort to match the plan,
Yes we can, make it happen.

But we’ve got some difficult days ahead,
The stark realities of our current state
Expose our fears and apprehension;
A tumultuous tension hangs over us
Like a threatening sky.
We wait for moments to band together,
To pray, break bread and stand together
And live out the true meaning of our creed,
As created equals we need
To harness our differences,
And use our distinctions
To inspire a nation and a world,
To come together, to succeed.

The economic crisis is eroding
The marker of consumer confidence,
With businesses impaired and imploding,
Will higher rates of helplessness,
Cause bankruptcies to rise in self defense
With joblessness, foreclosures,
And mounting stress?
We have people in the depths of despair,
The young and those reaching maturity,
Who worry about the cost of health-care,
And pensions and social security.

We’ve got some difficult days ahead,
The view from the climb will be scary,
The dangers faced will vary
And we may find ourselves wanting
To turn back, but rarely will an adventure
Be more exhilarating
And rehabilitating
Than our current track.

The present is treacherous and trying,
Wars and conflicts occupy our thoughts;
Images of AIDS victims and children dying
In a world that is wrought
With national and tribal aggressions,
Political unrest and genocide;
Drunk on the wine of ethnic pride;
The cleansing is sadly justified,
Without conscience or concessions.

We’ve got some difficult days ahead,
But we are born of interdependence
And are placed in history,
To advocate democracy
And a world where freedom
Is on the minds and lips
Of every heart.
Let the things that separate us,
No longer keep us apart,
As we come together to heal our land
To strengthen the premise for which we stand.

We must teach and ensure education’s
Accessible to those who want to learn,
For an educated population
Is likely to help people to return
More to their country and society,
As they perform well in their chosen roles
Employment will lessen anxiety
As people move toward achieving their goals.

We’ve got some difficult days ahead,
But we’ll assume our rightful place in the world
And honor our mission and obligation
To transition our planet to the next generation;
Clean air and clean water
And energy reserves,
To give them the environment
They deserve.

We must appeal to those who stand
With folded arms of skepticism,
No less possessed with patriotism,
They must have a chance to cooperate
With the bold moves to improve America.
We shall be an impetus to credibility,
Hope and a fresh start and the possibility
To preserve our values and our borders;
To convert the skeptics into supporters,
For the good of our democracy.

We’ve got some difficult days ahead,
The ride will not soothe the faint in spirit.
The people anxiously wish to be led
Since we asked for change, they do not fear it.
Our charge is humble, yet broad in scope;
But the change we need, we need to sustain,
For we have listened to the cries of hope;
To address discomfort and ease the pain.

We will create jobs and ensure the cities
And small towns have industries
Where they can be industrious;
And march for justice
For more than just us.
For when America is working
Everyone can see the advantages of our system
And the fruits of being free.

We’ve got some difficult days ahead,
Where patience and his popularity;
Will cause us to be a beacon of light,
Impressive in brilliance and clarity;
A search light for those who are lost
In the night;
A spotlight on where we might intervene;
A lamp to sit on its very own stand,
A lighthouse to warn of dangers unseen
And focus the people within the land,
To be a flash light for those in hiding,
A street lamp for the safety of the street,
A candle in the window that guiding
Us home, where we can rest our weary feet.

We’ve got some difficult days ahead,
But justice will flow down like water
And righteousness like a mighty stream;
As sisters and brothers,
Sons and daughters,
We have the faith perchance to dream;
For we are Americans,
It is in our DNA to succeed.
With God on our side,
We go forward with pride
For we have been chosen to lead.

Copyright © 2008 Orlando Ceaser

Reprinted from the book “FREE” by Orlando Ceaser


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