A Leader Could Be...............

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A leader could be …….

A leader could be,

Someone blessed or deprived

In their upbringing;

A familiar friend or stranger

To the concepts of winning;

A child raised in comfort

Or humble beginnings.


A leader could be,

The youngster raised

By a single mom;

One slow to master

Or the gifted phenom.

The genius or the loner

Who missed the prom.


A leader could be

From alcoholic parents’

Dysfunctional themes;

Environments disruptive

To self esteem

Or homes with the ambiance

To nurture dreams.


A leader could be,

The progeny of

A new generation,

Who work outside

Their chosen occupation,

To help pay for

Their college education.


A leader could be

Someone who initially

Failed the grade,

Were temporarily lost

From choices made,

Who volunteered to act

When they were afraid.

A leader could be,

An hourly member

Of the working class

With creative ideas

And goals to surpass;

Who burst through

Not knowing the ceiling was glass.


A leader could be

An immigrant working

While their muscles ached;

Someone who has promise

But needing a break,

To prove that compassion

Is not a mistake.


A leader could be,

From various perspectives,

Backgrounds or creeds;

To take command, rally

And intercede;

Who’s molded by the moment

To take the lead.


Copyright © 2003 Orlando Ceaser